Business Succession

Have you given any thought to retirement? If you're a business owner often your greatest fear is letting go of the reigns and fading into a reduced role as you approach your time to enjoy those things in life you've put off for so long to make your business a success. Business succession planning is the process of preparing to hand over control of a business in such a way that is the least disruptive to the business operations and value. We can help you with that transition

Business succession takes on another connotation from an estate planning perspective. A successful, valuable business may pose a significant estate tax burden for your family in the event of your unexpected death. There are business valuation compression techniques and other planning concepts that may be employed to ensure that your family does not have to take extreme measures like asset liquidation to satisfy a hefty estate tax bill.

Let the Law Office of Ryan S. McBride help you with this important planning. Don't put it off until its too late.

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